Happy and proud of "my" Montepulciano: Kay Rush again in Abruzzo

«An extraordinary improvement for a well-known wine»: Kay Rush is proud of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, of its communication, and of the role that it plays in the world. The journalist, radio anchorwoman and sommeliers, who was in the past the testimonial of one of the advertising campaigns of the Montepulciano, comes back to Abruzzo in order to pay tribute to this well-known regional red wine

A welcome return for an unforgettable event. Kay Rush is the special guest of the Media Tour organized from 14 to 17 March by the Consortium, with National and foreign journalists to visit some wineries of the Abruzzo Region.

This famous journalist, sommelier and radio anchorwoman who was choosen in the past as testimonial of the historic advertising campaign of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is always a welcome guest for the Abruzzo Region.

Kay Rush expresses his joy for the growing reputation of Montepulciano. She underlines the “extraordinary improvement” of this wine that she considers “very nice, very important, one of the few wines that maintains its elegance, a full-bodied wine, not only a wine to drink but also to be "contemplated", to be tasted looking at the landscape: a wine that is deeply poetic». 

Kay Rush talks also about the Abruzzo Region: “I love this Region, its majestic mountains. This Region can offer everything: sea, mountains, wonderful cities. Thanks to its territory, the Abruzzo Region supplies important qualities to its wines». 

The interview to Kay Rush is available on the Consortium's Youtube Channel.