Great Success for Abruzzo at Vinitaly 2014

With a collection of Medals of Honours at the 21st International Wine Competition, an innovative communication campaign, high turn-outs and great participation of buyers, Abruzzo wines made a success at the international fair of Verona

The president of the Consortium, ToninoVerna,expressed his satisfaction for the very positive results achieved by Abruzzo at Vinitaly: “Great satisfaction of all participants, compliments for the logistics, the communication strategy and the events organized, from the presentation of Montepulcianod’Abruzzobonbons made by the chef DavideOldani to the art exhibit “Abruzzo great Masters” and the meeting “Abruzzowines in the German market” in collaboration with the magazine Vinum”.

“Buyers and  journalists have showed an increasing interest for our wines– Verna added– and a great attention for the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and the Pecorino. We want to transform the interest raised by our communication activities into new contracts for our producers, now appreciated everywhere for the quality of their wines offered to the markets”.

Promotion remains the main activity of the Consortium for Abruzzo Wines’ Protection:  “We have added funds for the action 1.3.3 of the Rural Development Programme regarding communication –Verna said. The theme of communication focuses onthe enhancement of our territory,habits and cultural riches, which we’ve supportedby means of incoming and press toursin the last few months. Prominent journalists and stakeholders could see up close how our wines areproduced and that’s now a major strength for the promotion of our products”.

In Verona, Abruzzogained a consistent collection of awards (five out of the total 73 awards conferred to the more than 3.000 wines participating in the competition) and a series of potential contacts that could further enhance business in a field that is achieving positive results despite the economic crisis at international level.

The Consortium achieved great success on social networks too. In fact,the event was reported with constant “live” updates which positioned  the Consortium’s Twitter account among the most active ones during Vinitaly opening day.

Vinitaly 2014