Articles on Montepulciano by the most important European journalists

Excellent results for the media tour organized by the Consortium. Many international journalists visited our Region and they discovered its DOC wines. Interesting articles and reviews on the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, on other regional high-quality wines, on the territory, on its vineyards and on its wine cellars published in European magazines and websites

Nico Dingemans, the former international hotelier and current healthy gastronomy writer has devoted to the wines of the Abruzzo Region the “Wines of the World” chapter of his book "Health Cuisine", an editorial project on the best and healthiest food in the world. The writer has launched online this chapter revealing in advance some issues of it such as the pedoclimatic peculiarities of the territory, the wine traditions of the Abruzzo Region, the health benefits of the wine coming from its consumption, and the eco-sustainability of its production. Click here to read the article by Nico Dingemans

Fiona Maclean, a well-known wine writer whose blog London-Unattached has recently been listed as one of the UK’s top 100 food blogs in Woman and Home, in the category of Travel and Writing,  published on her blog a detailed article on the wine tour in Abruzzo. This article is an enthusiastic description of an unforgettable experience which exhorts the readers to discover this unexpectedly surprising Italian Region thanks to its landscape, cuisine and, of course, thanks to its wines. The article has already been a success and many positive comments have been left by the readers. Click here to read the article by Fiona Maclean

Johanna Schippes, the well-known Dutch wine journalist for the authoritative magazine Perswijin, wrote an article on the Abruzzo DOC wine, on the popular website


All these articles describe the most interesting aspects of this territory catching the attention of the European visitors towards the culture and the products of the Abruzzo Region, whose DOC wines are one of its flagships.