Abruzzo wines: special tastings in London

Rooms full to capacity and several meetings with buyers: Abruzzo wine and its communication  were awarded interest and praises in London. A definitely satisfying result for the Consortium at the three-day event in the heart of London where the regional DOC wines were presented

The interest in Abruzzo wines in the UK is increasing. For three days local labels of Abruzzo were protagonists in unique venues of London. The first of the three days opened with a dinner attended by wine journalists and Masters of Wine. This was the prelude to the “Abruzzo live in London” event, which took place on the second day. The event, run by Marco Sabellico of the Gambero Rosso wine guide in the stunning venue of Gibson Hall, saw the Masters of Wine offer two tastings. Up to 500 people attended the event during a couple of significant moments interspersed with B2B meetings between more than 40 producers, buyers, wine experts and stakeholders.

On the third day, Abruzzo wines invaded the Tate Modern’s East Room, which overlooks the Thames offering one of the most gorgeous views of London, to face experts of Decanter, the chef  Theo Randall and such an eminent wine expert as the BBC journalist Graham Mitchell.

Besides wine products, also images selected from photo exhibitions of the 2013 and 2014 Vinitaly editions were on display: the works of international photography greats like Mario Giacomelli , Gianni Berengo Gardin and Chris Warde-Jones, who pointed the lenses of their cameras on Abruzzo, enchanted the visitors of the beautiful art gallery.

President Tonino Verna espressed how delighted he was about the excellent results achieved: «We have had several encounters and received praises and words of encouragement either for the formula adopted and for the combination of wine and art, and for the high quality of our products, the indication of the fact that the actions undertaken are right in order to go on developing Abruzzo wines market».

«It has been interesting to meet Abruzzo wine producers – BBC journalist and wine expert Graham Mitchell said – because it let us discover the history of this product. I think Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is a delicious wine, but I love Trebbiano d'Abruzzo as well. They both come from an area able to produce extraordinary, intense-tasting wines, something I always look for in a wine, and that I call “Ferrari in a bottle”».

London chef Theo Randall, a well-known face on British television, remarked that the meeting at the Tate Modern  «has helped us understand the greatness of Abruzzo wines and the opportunities they have in Italian restaurants. I’m not just referring to high-profile restaurants, but to all sorts of them, including cafés, bars, clubs». According to Randall «the British public is truly interested in being informed about the quality of wines and it is important to have the support of suppliers to bring wines all over. People should get to know Montepulciano d'Abruzzo».

Abruzzo in London