Abruzzo Wines awarded at the ProWein

Great success for Abruzzo wines at the most important European wine trade fair: the prestigious German magazine “Vinum” awarded Abruzzo DOC wines as “Ambassadors of Italian quality” and the press praised their character and quality

During ProWein 2004, Abruzzo fully conquered the German audience and not only, proving to know how to arouse the German market’s interest once again, as confirmed by the award the eminent magazine “Vinum” conferred to the communication campaign of Abruzzo wines and the great success of wine tastings after the ceremony.

The president of the Consortium, Tonino Verna,  expressed  his great satisfaction for the award received by the famed German magazine. The correspondent of Vinum in Italy, Christian Eder, stressed how Abruzzo  wines perfectly express the terroir of a unique area of Italian viticulture. The member of the editorial committee, Cartsten Henn, labelled the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo as a great Italian wine, with extensive room for growth in Germany, stating: “Abruzzo wines, specifically the white and red ones, are really enjoyable to drink: they are medium bodied and always drives consumers to drink a second glass. That’s exactly what German people want”.

Italian press expressed positive views too: the Director of the web portal Wine News, Alessandro Regoli, defined the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo as an appealing wine for German market and as a  benchmark for the Italian large-scale retail trade.